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“Thank you for everything you have done for me, you are truly a beautiful soul and it was an honour for me to go through this with you. I don't think I would be where I am right now without your gentle words and kind encouragement. Thank you.”


“I can’t thank Remona enough for this process and the hope it has restored in me. I just feel lighter like she has taken some of my pain.”


“This experience has given me hope for my future, it has made me want a future. I have made plans and am excited to work hard to achieve them. Two months ago hope felt dangerous to me, but  I now want to feel it and to live my life to the fullest. I know I have a lot of work to still do but I now feel ready.”


"Having someone to talk to who was able to allow me to be gentle with myself was really helpful. I have felt my self love grow the past few months and that is due to counselling. Remona is so gentle and that made me be too.”


“I found it very easy to relate to Remona. I felt that I did not have to explain myself, she just understood what I was saying.  I found it surprisingly easy to open up and say how I really feel.”

“It was really easy to relate to Remona, she was very calm and reflected back how I felt accurately. It was nice to have someone I felt would understand my background and why my situation felt difficult.  I really appreciate the space you gave me. I feel less hesitant to reach out for counselling support, and am feeling myself opening up more - so thank you!”

“I appreciate the process we went through so much and will continue to take the things you taught me with me through my life.”

“I feel as though coming here exploring those feelings without judgement without family or friends just coming in saying exactly how I felt, really helped me to just let it out so I feel I’m in a very good space now. I wanted to give feedback because I found this very life changing.“


“Rewind therapy has helped me so so much. Thank you. I’ll be forever grateful.”


“Wow! A day or two after Rewind I felt lighter. I haven’t thought about it at all, it feels like it never happened.  It has really benefited me and taken a massive weight off my shoulders.” 




“Since the Rewind treatment I feel much more at peace with what has happened. I sleep a lot better  and I feel happier within myself. Rewind therapy has helped me so so much. Thank you. I’ll be forever grateful.”


“I feel lighter somehow, like I am back to being the person I want to be.”


“The Rewind technique is still having a positive impact on my daily life and work.  I am not triggered by the physical items or other triggers. I am able to see them experience them and deal with them without emotional trauma.”

“I was a little bit sceptical beforehand because I didn’t know if I would have any change, but I’m amazed still, I can’t believe it! It’s an amazing thing I still can’t get over”. 


“It's actually crazy what a difference it has made!!! No idea how it worked I was so sceptical. Amazing!! Thank you.”


“I'm amazed, I genuinely noticed a difference so quickly. Literally the next day.”

“When Remona suggested ‘Rewind’ for the emotional trauma I was dealing with over my Mother dying I was slightly nervous...I’m so thankful to her for taking me through the process as it worked and I'm a happier person for it....”

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